A downloadable MINImax:Watch&Help RTS

MINImax is a Watch&Help RTS game based on 1:1 hero(heroine) centric RvR match of about-around-2-cm-tall tiny beings joined by players helping them to win against another team of the opposite realm.

It is 'Watch&Help' because you cannot control all the units but can only watch them battle and help them win in a match less than 9 minutes at maximum.

And tiny beings don't know the origins of why they started to fight against each other. But they know at least now they fight for their values against the values of the opposite realm.  

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**official MINImax nodes:

1. Discord (you can find some people to play MINImax with): https://discord.gg/2URPPpe

2. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/miniMAXgaming/

3. Wiki: http://minimax.wikia.com/wiki/MiniMAX_Wiki

4. Facebook: https://fb.me/minimaxuniverse

5. Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialMINImax

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7. YouTube: 


And these are the official O'olBlue channels.

1. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oolblueglobal

2. Twitter: https://twitter.com/OolBlueOfficial

MINImax Prototype Gameplay Description

In the MINImax world the two Realms fight to destroy each other Towers by sending troopers and a Valiant Hero to overtake the enemy's territory.

Day and night play a strong influence in the behavior of each side, and so it does having you helping them in their fight.

You cannot control the troopers, but you do have certain limited control over your Hero.

However, by using your Divine skills, you can provide great support to their battle and even eliminate enemy units from afar.

Try to build stairways to help them overpass the high ledges, or block the enemy unit's way by putting a wall in the road.

Be a good max and help your MINIs in their struggle for victory!!!

Basic Victory Conditions:

  • Before 6 minutes: Destroy all enemy's tower
  • Exactly 6 minutes: Destroy more towers than your enemy
  • After 6 minutes: If Both sides destroyed same amount of tower for 6 minutes, the game goes into extra time.  

****Extra time(Death match) : Destroy tower faster than your enemy

If you want more information, check the detailed information of the gameplay settings and skills here:


"Tiny is Mighty"

Install instructions

Watch Guide Video

Download Instruction

  1. Download the MINImax_Prototype0426f2 from this Page according to your PC (Windows/Mac) Check the end of this page!
  2. Unzip the files and you should be able to see a MINImax Client file and a MINImax Server file.

Hosting Options & Game settings

  • If you are the one who is hosting the game, you should run MINImax Server file first!

  • Input the name of your server and turn the SERVER ON
  • Then, you can open your MINImax Client and enter hosting server by clicking it.

        ※ IMPORTANT :  You must input your in-game ID before you enter the server.

  • And then, you can set your deck and enjoy MINImax with other players!  
  • If you just want to watch other players playing, you can be observer by checking Observer option at the top of the page :  Maximum of 2 players can be observer at a single server room. 

Settings before you play the game

  1. Select your desired Realm (Aillai or Creaea)
  2. You should be able to see on the left side your troopers, and on the right side your Divine skills.
  3. You can set up to a maximum of 60 Controls in your trooper side by clicking in the bottom part of the Troopers section. (The Controls number per trooper can be seen in the trooper card)
  4. You can set a minimum of 6 Divine skills in the Divine skill section also by double clicking on them. (For details of the skills check this link : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xo_S7ZVNNiA2644ubT1ixZ0V9q6CvVVGRdBMlUQ7...)
  5. When you have finished selecting your units and skills, press READY and wait for your opponent to do so.

End of the game

  • Once the game finishes you can Quit the game or Quit after sharing your ideas with us on Discord.
  • In order to play again, you, both players, will have to close and restart both the MINImax Server file and their respective MINImax Client files.
  • If you attempt to play again without closing and restarting the files, the server will not be able to be turned on.


Prototype0426f2_windows.zip 48 MB
Prototype0426f2_mac.zip 67 MB

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