A downloadable MINImax Tinyverse

MINImax Tinyverse is a real-time tower-rush brawler where you watch and assist your favorite champions as they battle for their realms of Tinyverse.

It is based on a 1:1 battle between Champions and their troopers in a centric match of about 2-5cm tall tiny beings(MINI) joined by a player(max) who helps the beings of the selected realm  to win against the opposite realm.

We say "watch and assist" because you cannot control all the units, but you still can watch them  battle and help them to win using diverse skills and controlling up to certain extent the Champion on your side.

And the tiny beings  are not aware of the origins of their war against each other, but  they at least know that they fight for their values against the values of the opposite realm.  

We offer you the following invitation to the Tinyverse of MINImax:

INVITATION into Tiny World for Curious People

At a small town medieval-like antique shop ‘MINImax,' you can find the tinyverse if you get so lucky on a day. It's a tiny world of two realms against each other for eternity. Creaea vs. Aillai. Aillai vs. Creaea. You can choose a realm to help win over the other.
In an amazingly tiny but detailed battlefield, you can not do so much control thingy so. Since your champion and troopers have their own minds, they will do whatever they feel right to do like any child or pet. And their simple minds of not so much high standard from your point of view might make you feel some frustration at first.

BUT! at the moment of the frustration, Thank God!!! You will find your tiny mighty champion can feel the direct existence of you and interact. So from then, you can pick the champ with your fingers to hold high in the air safe from harm's way or to move into a different spot, activate his/ her skills. And also you can do mighty tiny miracles like creating a stairway out of thin air guiding your champ and troopers to overcome a high ground or obstacle, creating a wall to block opponents or your team with your own will and also giving opponents your pounding firm fist. And much more miracles to be with you.

As for the troopers... well, never mind. You need to assemble them well right before entering the brawl. They can only feel you in a veeerrryy distant way. So it's the only way that you pick them well that suit your champ and your miracles or the other way around. That's it.

And it's enough now.

So hurry to join and feel the tinyverse at your fingertips at a shop 'MINImax' that I feel pretty sure you are the curious kind of person into the tiny world.

Tiny realms await you for such a long time.

Tiny is Mighty!

from the shopkeeper of MINImax

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**official MINImax nodes:

1. Discord (you can find some people to play MINImax with): https://discord.gg/NkzBPfV

2. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/miniMAXgaming/

3. Wiki: https://minimaxtinyverse.gamepedia.com/MINImax_Tinyverse_Wiki

4. Facebook: https://fb.me/minimaxtinyverse

5. Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialMINImax

6. Twitch: 



7. YouTube: 


And these are the official O'olBlue channels.

1. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oolblueglobal

2. Twitter: https://twitter.com/OolBlueOfficial

MINImax Prototype Gameplay Description

In the MINImax world the two Realms fight to destroy each other Towers by sending troopers and a Valiant Champion to overtake the enemy's territory.

Day and night play a strong influence in the behavior of each side, and so it does having you helping them in their fight.

You cannot control the troopers, but you do have certain limited control over your Champion.

However, by using your Miracles, you can provide great support to their battle and even eliminate enemy units from afar.

Try to build stairs to help them overpass the high ledges, or block the enemy unit's way by putting a wall in the road.

Be a good max and help your MINIs in their struggle for victory!!!

Basic Victory Conditions:

  • Before 6 minutes: Destroy all enemy's tower
  • Exactly 6 minutes: Destroy more towers than your enemy
  • After 6 minutes: If Both sides destroyed same amount of tower by 6 minutes, the game goes into extra time.  

****Extra time(Death match) : Destroy 1 tower faster than your enemy

If you want more information, check the detailed information of the gameplay settings and skills here:


"Tiny is Mighty"

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