3.0 PROTOTYPE patch note

MINImax Patch note Ver.0323

1. Your Troopers’ respawn speed will be increased 10% when your remaining towers are less than your opponents.

2. Night / Day is now changed every 90 seconds

3. Adjusted size and balance of Troopers.

4. Ortto is now taking less damage for 6 seconds after he uses [Forcing Call]

4-1. Cooldown of [Forcing call] has now changed into 19 seconds

5. Balanced patch for Divine skills

5-1. [Static Shock] now deals less damage: 330 → 278

5-2. You can now activate a longer [Sanctuary] at less mana cost, but its extent has been narrowed down a bit :  Mana cost 50 → 45, Duration time : 5 seconds → 7 seconds, Extent : 4.8m → 4.4m

5-3. [Burning Star] now deals less damage: 475 → 418

5-4. Duration time of [Phantom Menace] increased: 7 seconds → 8 seconds

5-5. New skill: [Divine voice]: Grants  bonus movement speed and bonus attack speed  to allies within the selected area.  

The effect lasts for 8 seconds


5-6. Deleted [Purify] skill

* Damage reduction effect of [Sanctuary] is now working properly!

6. Tool-tip is now available in Spanish

7. Some typos have been fixed

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