2nd(2.0) PROTOTYPE patch note

We shared 2nd(2.0) PROTOTYPE of MINImax. 

Here are some changes in 0227 PROTOTYPE build.


  • From now on, the ally’s base is always in left side.
  •  Destructible objects are being deployed in the map. (Trees, for example)
  •  Tower’s HP has been lowered.
  •  You can zoom in and out the view of the battlefield by using the wheel of your mouse.


  • You can now see how Murrakkah really looks like.
  • Murrakkah and Ortto’s active skills are now having cool down time.
  • Hero’s resurrection time has been prolonged.
  • From now on, Heroes’ HP increases as the phases go on.
  • Cool down time of picking up has been prolonged.

All units in common

  • Long range units are now firing projectiles when they attack.


  • Bomber’s overall performance has been enhanced.

Divine Skill

  • From now on, you restore less mana when you are in the beginning of the game .
  • The effect of Phantom Menace has been enhanced.
  •  Purify has been added (Remove debuffs on units like Phantom Menace or Burning star debuffs. Also it can damage structures)


Prototype0227_windows.zip 37 MB
Feb 27, 2018
Prototype0227_mac.zip 51 MB
Feb 27, 2018

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